1.  What is your company's guarantee?

Express Leasing will guarantee the buyer the absolute lowest price on any leased or purchased vehicle, or our service is completely free! We take pride amongst ourselves to work in your best interest. We strive to achieve the lowest quote available, and we continually maintain around 90% success ratio in all of our searches! If you are not 100% satisfied within two (2) business days, all brokerage fees will be immediately refunded.

2.  How does your service work?

After you have submitted a request with us online, one of our brokers will contact you promptly. This just allows us to verify the vehicle/equipment requested and gather any other pertinent information necessary to process your requests. At that point we will begin the search for your new vehicle/equipment! Once we have located and negotiated the vehicle/equipment, your broker will call you to review all of the research that has been completed. At this juncture you will make a decision to move forward or cancel the search. It's that simple! We take all of the hassles out of purchasing or leasing your new vehicle.

3.  Can your company help me with my trade-in?

Through several sources we can run values to determine what the fair market value of your vehicle/equipment is, and give you a realistic range. At that point you can determine if you want to trade or sell it privately on your own. If you decide to trade it in, we will get you the most money possible in the current marketplace your located in.

4.  What are your brokerage fees?

In fairness to our clients, our fee is based on the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (M.S.R.P.) of the vehicle, whether purchased or leased. We do not charge any fees of any kind if you choose not to purchase or lease the vehicle through us.

5.  What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

6.  Does your company search for pre-owned vehicles and equipment?

No, we are currently only searching for new vehicles and business equipment at this time.

7.  Do you handle factory orders on new vehicles and business equipment?

Yes, we place several factory orders per month! We do need to know exactly what equipment is important to complete the transaction properly. Please be prepared with this information when you contact us.

Can I negotiate any of the terms in the lease?

Do you deliver the vehicle?

What if the car is in a different state?

What if I want different equipment than the one listed?

What colors are available?

Can I lower the down payment?

Can I get the same lease with no money down?

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